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WILD Course Syllabi

WILD 1800.  Introduction to Geographic Information Sciences.  Ramsey.  Spring 2016 syllabus. --  Howe. Fall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 2000.      Natural Resources Professional Orientation.  Busby. Spring 2017 syllabus. KuhnsFall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 2200.  Ecology of Our Changing World (BLS).  Terletzky.  Spring 2016 online syllabus.   Schupp.  Spring 2016 syllabus.  BusbyFall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 2250.  Introductory Internship/Co-op.

WILD 2400.  Wildland Resource Techniques.  MacNultyFall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 3300.  Management Aspects of Wildlife Behavior.  Conover. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 3800.  Wildland Plants and Ecosystems.  Adler.  Fall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 3810.  Plant and Animal Populations.  Koons. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 3820.  Forest Plants: Identification, Biology, and Function.  Lutz. Fall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 3830.  Range Plant Taxonomy and Function.  Kulmatiski. Fall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 3850.  Vegetation and Habitat Management.  Long and Busby. Spring 2017 syllabus.

WILD 4000.  Principles of Rangeland Management.  Thacker. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 4250.  Advanced Internship/Co-op.

WILD 4500.  Principles of Wildlife Management.  du Toit. Spring 2017 syllabus.

WILD 4520.  Wildland Fire Behavior.  Jenkins.

WILD 4550.  Wildlife Law Enforcement.  HoweSpring 2017 syllabus.

WILD 4570.  Forest Ecology of the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains. Lutz.  Summer 2015 syllabus. Website.

WILD 4600.  Conservation Biology.  Beard. Spring 2017 syllabus.

WILD 4700.  Ecological Foundations of Restoration.  Schupp.  Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 4750.  Monitoring and Assessment in Natural Resource and Environmental Management. Aubry.  Fall 2016 online syllabus. VeblenFall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 4880.  Genetics in Conservation and Management.  Mock. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 4910.  Assessment and Synthesis in Natural Resource Science.  Hulvey. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 4950.  Special Topics.

WILD 4960.  Directed Readings.

WILD 4970.  Undergraduate Research.

WILD 4980.  Undergraduate Seminar.

WILD 5220. Community-based Conservation Partnerships. Messmer. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 5300. Wildlife Damage Management Principles. Conover. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 5350. Wildland Soils. Van Miegroet. Spring 2017 syllabus.

WILD 5560. Applied Avian Ecology. Howe. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 5700. Forest Assessment and Management. Long. Spring 2017 syllabus.

WILD 5710. Forest Vegetation Disturbance Ecology and Management. Kent.  Fall 2016 Syllabus.

WILD 5750. Applied Remote Sensing. Ramsey. Fall 2015 syllabus.

WILD 5860. Poisonous Range Plants Affecting Livestock.

WILD 6200.  Biogeochemistry of Terrestrial Ecosystems.  Van Miegroet.  

WILD 6240.  Graduate Internship/Co-op.

WILD 6350.  Wildland Soils.  Van Miegroet.  Spring 2017 syllabus.

WILD 6400.  Ecology of Animal Populations.  MacNulty. Fall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 6401.  Population State Variables.  Koons. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 6402.  Demographic Vital Rates.  Koons. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 6403.  Dynamics of Structured Populations.  Koons.  Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 6500.  Biometry:  Design and Analysis of Ecology Research. Edwards. Fall 2016 Syllabus.

WILD 6510.  Topics in Spatial Ecology.  Edwards.

WILD 6560.  Applied Avian Ecology.  Howe. Spring 2016 syllabus.  

WILD 6570.  Forest Ecology of the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains.  Lutz. Summer 2015 syllabus.  Website.

WILD 6700.  Restoration Ecology.  Veblen. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 6710.  Landscape Ecology.

WILD 6720.  Advanced Conservation Biology.  Beard.

WILD 6730.  Forest Community Ecology.  Lutz. Fall 2015 syllabus.

WILD 6740.  Physical Processes in Remote Sensing.  Ramsey. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 6750.  Applied Remote Sensing. Ramsey.  Fall 2015 syllabus.

WILD 6770.  Plant Community Ecology.  Adler. Fall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 6800.  Wildland Resources Department Seminar.

WILD 6870.  Ecology Seminar. Huntly.

WILD 6900.  Graduate Special Topics.

WILD 6910.  Directed Study.

WILD 6960.  Graduate General Ecology.

WILD 6970.  Thesis Research.

WILD 6990.  Continuing Graduate Advisement.

WILD 7000.  Theory and Applications of Wildland Ecosystem Management. du Toit.  Spring 2017 syllabus.

WILD 7030.  Plant-Herbivore Interactions.

WILD 7220.  Community-based Conservation Partnerships. Messmer.  Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 7300.  Wildlife Damage Management Principles.  Conover. Spring 2016 syllabus.

WILD 7400.  Plant Population Ecology.  Schupp.  Fall 2016 syllabus.

WILD 7710.  Landscape Ecology.

WILD 7720.  Advanced Conservation Biology.  Beard.

WILD 7800.  Wildland Resources Departmental Seminar.

WILD 7900.  Graduate Special Topics.

WILD 7910.  Directed Study.

WILD 7970.  Dissertation Research.

WILD 7990.  Continuing Graduate Advisement.