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Employment Opportunities After Graduation

Students completing graduate degrees in Environment and Society programs have begun careers in a number of different fields. Our graduates hold professional positions with local, state, national, and international agencies; in private consulting and environmental firms; in non-profit environmental, educational and development organizations; and as university faculty members.

For students completing the Master of Science degree, many of our Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Science and Management graduates find work with non-profits, Cooperative Extension, universities or public agencies in jobs that involve education and outreach on environmental and sustainability issues. Bioregional Planning graduates are working in a number of local, state, and regional planning agencies across the U.S. Recreation Resource Management alumni often find work with state or federal land management agencies. Geography alumni are working in spatial analysis positions with governments and private industry. Some have gone on for additional studies in PhD or law programs.

Students earning the PhD in Human Dimensions of Ecosystem Science and Management are working in international development positions, as university faculty members, and in environmental consulting firms.

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