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Graduate Research

Graduate students in Environment and Society must conduct original research leading to the doctoral dissertation, Master's thesis (Plan A) or project (Plan B). Your studies may focus on a wide range of problems and issues that in some way address the relationships between humans and natural environments.

For students who receive graduate research assistantships, the thesis or dissertation most often is directly related to the research grants that fund their assistantships. Specific research topics are developed together with the major professor, after consulting with a thesis or dissertation committee consisting of the major professor and four (PhD) or two (MS) other faculty members. Students paid through fellowships, or outside funding they obtained themselves, have even more autonomy in developing their research ideas.

For examples of the kinds of research our students have completed or are currently working on, you can check out the abstracts that have been submitted for our ENVS Graduate Pre-Project Symposium - an annual event where students present their research ideas to their fellow students and faculty member at a time when they're just beginning to focus on a researchable problem.

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